Chrome-plated allen screw caps…another idea, another challange!

Chrome-plated allen screw caps...another idea, another challenge!


Thoughts are countless, good ideas are certainly fewer and the “best” ones generally come when we are not focused on the idea itself, nor on its applicability or on the search for the solution to make it concrete. The creative process generally requires two approaches: one dedicated to creativity, intuition and global vision, the other dedicated to rationality, logic and detailed vision.

In our reality, the “insight”, that spontaneous intuition often defined as an enlightening idea, comes from the customer, who relies on us at GVV Srl for the analysis, the study and the realization of the product; in this way a collaboration is born in which both parts contribute with their specific attitudes.

Often, in working environments, an idea is born from a specific need, dictated by a functional problem, an aesthetic one or even both. In this case, the inspiration comes from the latter need, like it happened for one of our customers, who had the necessity to hide allen screws with covering elements, which could, at the same time, perfectly integrate with the aesthetics of the machine.

We are talking, specifically, about allen screw caps made of abs and then chromed. The chrome plating can make the screw caps look like they are made of steel but, being actually made of plastic, they are much lighter. These small plastic hardware elements are a solution as simple as effective, to hide and protect the heads of exposed screws, but also to ensure beauty and aesthetic harmony, essential features for areas such as furniture, design, automotive and marine.

As a matter of fact, there are many sectors in which aesthetics is as important as functionality, and for this reason, items such as plastic screw caps are often used for decorative and finishing purposes; there are countless models of allen screw caps on the market, but they can also be studied in synergy with the customer.

Our chromed allen screw caps have been designed and manufactured ad hoc for gym equipment, but GVV Srl is the ideal partner to also help you develop your project in a personalized and targeted way, accompanying you through each stage of the production process, whatever the scope of final use.