Customized solutions: antimicrobial screws

Customized solutions: antimicrobial screws


An idea doesn’t only belong to those who have it in the first place, but also to those who realize it. We highly value our ideas, sometimes jealously guarding them and without telling them to anyone; however, those ideas undergo different changes before turning into an actual working project and the changes only occur when those ideas are expressed. Designing also means creating opportunities and spaces where ideas can meet, be heard and considered. GVV is here for that!

As experts in the creation of plastic shapes, our mission is to design and customize elements in plastic material, in order to support you in the realization of your projects. We know very well that, every time a new idea is conceived in our head, in a split-second, thoughts will start to whirl in a spiral of questions concerning different aspects and problems. GVV does not presume to have the ability of giving shape to whichever of your ideas, but together, we can definitely evaluate the project, its potential, and study its feasibility, just like we did for our last creation.

In this complicated historical moment, marked by the well-known pandemic, we have been asked to create a junction element for the renowned and sought-after protective visorsAs a matter of fact, together with other protective tools, visors have had a very strong market demand in the last two years, so, thanks to the intuition of one of our customers and after performing internal studies, GVV has realized a practical and safe fixing element for a correct functioning of the visor: the antimicrobial knurled screwsAntimicrobial substances indeed offer a higher level of protection and, for this reason, our screws represent the ideal product for the assembly of protective visors.

Our plastic knurled screws, thanks to their elastic properties, are able to offer an adequate resistance to movements and vibrations, they are very light and practical for the assembly of the product, as well as being customizable with your company logo and/or, in the nylon version, the customization can be done with colors of your choice, making the product very versatile.

In the case of our customer, the material required was antimicrobial but, obviously, the type of material can be changed according to customer’s needsAt GVV Srl, we are specialized in small/medium sized items, but we don’t put limits on quantities; therefore, if you have an idea and you are looking for a partner who will support you in the realization and molding, contact us, our experts are at your complete disposal.