GVV chooses COBOTS

GVV chooses Cobots

After obtaining the Quality Management Certification and the Environmental Management Certification, GVV keeps on working on the improvement of its production process.  Our first step has been the investment in automation, particularly in robotics. Robots can free human operators from the monotonous and risk-prone work of loading and unloading machines, allowing them to focus on other tasks; in this way GVV can assure much higher readiness and flexibility in meeting the customers’ requirements.

To reach this goal, our choice fell on cobots (collaborative-robots), which are intended for direct interaction with humans, within a shared space or where humans and robots are in close proximity. As a matter of fact, traditional industrial robots usually find themselves in a fixed position, behind fences or other protective barriers, and are isolated from human contact; on the other hand, cobots are meant to safely work alongside humans, thanks to sensors and other design features, such as lightweight materials and rounded edges.

These characteristics also allow cobots to be easily moved from one task to another and to be redeployed for new product lines, making the whole production process much more flexible. Another important aspect to keep in mind, is that cobots almost remove human error and therefore assure a high precision level. Our 2 cobots perform on-board machining and they are employed in assembling, sorting, finishing and in quality control, always cooperating with our work force and giving real-time responses. This makes GVV synonym with consistency, production speed and quality of the final product.