GVV Smart Plastic Shapes is ISO 9001:2015 certified

GVV Smart Plastic Shapes is ISO 9001:2015 certified

GVV Smart Plastic Shapes has recently obtained the ISO 9001 certification (Quality Management Systems) from the certifying body Dekra.


Updated in September 2015, it is an internationally recognized quality certification which allows companies to be competitive in world markets. As a matter of fact, if a company proves that it has had its production process evaluated by a certification body, its potential or current customers will be more likely to prefer it over companies that do not possess it.

Thanks to the ISO 9001:2015 certification, GVV shows that the customer’s trust and satisfaction are the basis of its core principles. To obtain this document, GVV indeed underwent an inspection, both of its own documentation and through internal audits based on monitoring and on the verification of the conformity of each stage of the production process, with the aim of achieving better and better results.

The certificate guarantees that the company’s leadership knows how to organize its work process even under changing factors, both internal and external, which can positively or negatively affect the quality of the final product. Through this certification, GVV demonstrates its competence in risk and opportunities assessment, operating in a proactive way, in order to guarantee a continuous improvement and, consequently, the constant satisfaction of the customer.

GVV Smart Plastic Shapes‘s core business, consisting in customized plastic items, necessarily requires careful and scrupulous technical support; for this reason, we believe that this certification gives GVV an added value and represents an incentive for customers who are looking for a qualified and efficient company.


Dekra is an independent and accredited certification body specialized in various sectors, especially in the automotive industry. GVV has chosen Dekra because it is synonymous with excellence and competence. Dekra boasts a solid sector specialization and excellent technical skills of its auditors, who are selected according to the very strict criteria of German practice. GVV therefore guarantees quality through a quality certification body.

To download the certification please visit our Certifications web page.