GVV: your ideas come alive

Your ideas come alive with GVV


Sometimes you find yourself with an idea running through your head, you sketch it on a piece of paper or you write it on a napkin and then simply leave it to dust. Too many complicated steps to make it a real project. Until now! GVV – Smart Plastic Shapes finally allows you to free all those ideas you once put aside! 

You will only need to upload your draft project on our website through the “upload your idea” button. Our specialized team will do the rest: it will evaluate the best material, design a project, engineer your idea and give you the best solution. GVV offers you a flexible and smart process, according to your personal needs.

We give shape to your ideas in a fast, practical and customized way. Although we specialize in small and medium sized parts, we do not set limits to creativity and we have no restrictions on minimum quantities or component sizes. 

You think, we create!