A special type of washer that, due to its conformation, provides added value during the assembly of acoustic panels in the automotive industry.

Material: HDPE

Made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene), a thermoplastic polymer with excellent insulating properties and characterized by strength, robustness, but also ductility. Polyethylene is indeed among the most commonly used plastics for a variety of products and it is employed in countless industries, including mechanical, electrical, construction, and food. 

The choice of this material and its specific conformation make it perfect for the outfitting of a variety of commercial vehicles.

Its installation is definitely a quick and easy task for the experts in the field. 

We will try to show its use in the simplest way: the application of the acoustic resilient washer requires, first of all, a screw, which head needs to be welded to the car body; after that, the acoustic panel is applied and finally it is possible to place the washer only with manual pressure.

This is an example of what our abilities are in this specific field; nevertheless, our flexibility and experience allow us to adapt to countless markets and industry demands.

We are fully aware that every field of application has specific requirements and standards to meet, therefore, our aim is to help you find the best solution in terms of material and manufacturing, so as to guarantee high quality standards.

Our dynamism allows us to diversify production by batches of any size, even according to the design and requirements of our customers, making the final product unique.


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