Electronics / Telecommunications


Small plastic items with a seemingly trivial function, which can, on the contrary, prove to be excellent allies in preserving and protecting delicate elements.

As a matter of fact, it is often the small details that make the difference, and our protective caps for RJ45 connectors are a concrete example.

Designed at the specific request of a company that needed to protect cables, they became the undisputed protagonists of their technological and innovative creations, during transport and installation.

The RJ45 connector is indeed the termination of all those network cables, very common and used in multiple sectors that are, however, delicate and need careful protection.

Our caps, made of HDPE, are very easy to apply, maintain a perfect adherence to the plug by protecting the delicate locking tab and prevent dust and dirt from settling in.

The commissioning business, has been working in the security field for many years and is known in the national and international market for its perimeter protections for industrial, commercial and residential sites, both public and private. These are innovative creations based on advanced technologies that require careful attention at all its stages and, for this reason, research has been focused on the creation of an element, which should be specifically designed and manufactured according to their needs.

Obviously, the use of this protective cap turns out to be specific as it is closely related to the RJ45 connector, however, we know well that the network cable is used in many energy-related areas and beyond, so it could prove useful to all users.

 Whatever your needs are, share your idea with us, we will look for the best solution together!