There is one element that differentiates Padel from all other „net“ sports: the active use of walls. For this reason, our team has designed plastic washers and spacers specifically for this sport, which are a valuable support for the assembly of the walls.

We have designed and produced what may seem, on the surface, a simple fastener, but which turns out to be, in fact, an essential and functional jointing item.

These small plastic fasteners, such as washers and spacers, have proven, thanks to their lightness and versatility, to be excellent allies for easy and solid walls assembly.

They are made of Nylon, a polyamide polymer with good overall characteristics and an excellent performance/cost ratio. 

This plastic material has multiple properties and just as many advantages, including: resistance to wear, tensile and compressive strength, aging and weathering, especially for the „Nylon 6 black“ type. 

On the latter fell indeed our choice, not only for an aesthetic reason, but specifically for this last peculiarity since Padel courts are often installed outdoors.

Plastic materials, in general, have great aesthetic potential and can often be molded into any shape and color; we at GVV Srl know this well and aim to be your partner for your next project.

We are ready to welcome your idea, analyze every single detail to help you find the best solution in terms of material and manufacturing to ensure high quality standards and a unique and customized finished product.

Advice on materials and designs, combined with a continuous search for innovative solutions and the best value for money, allow us to offer custom designs and productions, whether for small, medium or large batches.

We are fully available to support and shape your ideas.

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