We realize and customize your ideas

We realize and customize your ideas


From fashion to automotive, from design to craftsmanship and many other sectors…the latest frontier of consumer products is their personalization and/or customization.

Customizing and personalizing are two different ways to get to the heart of the consumer.

If personalizing means offering a product in which consumers recognize themselves, customizing, on the other hand, is a bit of a gamble, because it means having the consumers design the product themselves.

The term “customize” has so become the key element of differentiation and enhancement of any new article.

The worlds of craftsmanship and technology come together to create innovative and inimitable products, bringing into play the creativity of each individual consumer, making them “co-designers“, who design their own customized products together with the company.

This is therefore the new frontier of the market, a productive strategy, with great potential, for the future, both for companies and consumers who see themselves personally involved in the project.

This philosophy has been adopted for years by fashion giants who, first of all, by leveraging vanity, have studied and created apparently unique and exclusive products to gain customers’ loyalty.

We at GVV, have decided to ride this trend, obviously in our own way!

Our work consists of creating ad hoc solutions inspired by the customers’ idea and based on their needs, in the field of micro plastic supplies and not only.

Starting from the idea, going through the joint realization of the project, up to testing and mass production, we allow the realization of a personalized “turnkey” product.

They may seem trivial or superfluous, but experts in the field know perfectly well that special measures studied on small plastic parts can make the difference on the final result.

Molding with different technopolymers, which boast high physical and mechanical characteristics, allows us to make small but useful items, perfect substitutes for traditional metals.

We exploit, indeed, the properties of these plastics to mold items, in both small and large batches, that can be used in many industrial sectors.

So, if the “standard” products do not have the characteristics to meet your specific requirements, turn to us, customizing your product is our goal!