GVV - custom made it


We, at Gvv S.r.l., are focused on satisfying a wide range of customer needs, and we have therefore decided to specialize in the custom plastic made production of small and medium-sized plastic items, of any shape, geometry, material, and application, both in small and large quantities, with fast production times.

Tell us about your idea by sending us your sketch or technical drawing here:

Technical Analysis
Once we receive your drawing, our technicians will begin a careful analysis to assess all the issues related to the production of the item and suggest the best plastic material that meets your project’s needs. This phase is crucial for defining all possible shape and size alternatives and optimizing production costs and times.

Sample Production
From the sketch on paper or in 2D/3D files, we move on to the production phase. Within fifteen to twenty days, we can send you a sample of the plastic item manufactured using the injection molding process, with the desired tolerances and dimensions. Of course, if you wish to have a 3D printed prototype, the lead time is 3 to 5 days.

After the approval of the samples, we proceed with injection molding using our presses, allowing to produce plastic items quickly while performing sample checking of the technical plastic items produced.

Quality Control
Quality control is the final signature of a production process where even the smallest details are examined to ensure an excellent final product. Our company is equipped with the best systems to monitor the entire production process, verifying color, size, and tolerance.

Packaging and Delivery
To provide optimal service, we cannot overlook this phase, as it could risk undermining all the work done earlier. For this reason, before shipping, we pay the utmost attention to the packaging of the plastic components to prevent functional or aesthetic damage.