Si differenziano per diametro, spessore, colore, materiale (nylon, tpv, policarbonato,…) e, non da ultimo, per il loro utilizzo.

Washers, also known as spacers or gaskets, come in various sizes, thicknesses, colors, and materials (such as nylon, TPV, polycarbonate, etc.), and they serve different purposes.

Plastic washers, commonly referred to as washers or by other names, have become essential components in numerous professional and DIY projects.
These small plastic discs with holes play a crucial role in evenly distributing the tightening load, resulting in immediate and tangible benefits. When used in conjunction with screws or bolts during fastening and assembly, washers effectively increase the contact surface area, allowing the force to be dispersed over a larger area. This enhances efficiency, safety, and durability while preventing damage to the underlying material.
Plastic washers are not only used to secure the pin or distribute force; they can also create a specific spacing when required. In some applications, they serve as spacers, maintaining a specific distance between the screw head and the object it is fastened to.

Additionally, plastic washers have other applications. They can act as gaskets to provide a seal, or they can serve an aesthetic purpose. Transparent polycarbonate washers, for example, are a popular choice in the interior and exterior furniture industry.

Nylon washers, as well as those made from other materials, possess inherent properties that make them lightweight, insulating, and highly resistant to corrosion and weathering. While washers may seem like simple components, their significance should not be underestimated. These small plastic rings are incredibly useful in a wide range ofsituations, often playing a critical role in the success of a project or creation.

To ensure optimal performance, it is important to consider not only the material but also the specific design based on the intended application of these plastic hardware components.

Recognizing the diverse requirements and defined standards of various sectors, including automotive, marine, mechanical, and electronics, we offer our technical expertise to support you from conceptualization to the finished product.

Our product range includes both standard plastic washers compliant with DIN 125 specifications and non-standard models. We are capable of designing and manufacturing custom washers, spacers, rivets, grommet nuts, and various other small plastic hardware components to fulfill your unique requirements. Our aim is to create practical, functional, and distinctive products tailored to your specific needs.