Material: PA
Color: Natural / Black


Keyhole plastic clips can be used in a wide range of applications due to their versatility, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness. Some of the common places and contexts where plastic snap fasteners are commonly used include:

Textile Industry: In clothing or textile production to attach labels, and tags, or create temporary closures.

Electronics Industry: To secure components or cables during the production or transportation of electronic devices.

Automotive: To fasten parts or components inside vehicles.

Construction Industry: In some construction applications, keyhole clips can be used to secure panels or insulating materials.

Gardening: To connect nets for climbing plants or fasten panels to temporary fences.

DIY and Hobbies: In a wide range of DIY projects involving fabrics, paper, plastic, and more.

Entertainment Industry: In stage production to temporarily fasten materials or scenic components.

Industrial Sector: In applications where temporary or quick attachment of parts or components is required, such as furniture assembly or consumer electronics production.

Product Packaging: To seal retail product packages or bags.

Apparel: To temporarily fasten clothing details during production.

Events and Trade Shows: In booth setups or during events to fasten promotional materials, banners, or panels.
The main reasons keyhole plastic clips, also known as push-in keyhole rivets, are used include:

Ease of Use: Push-in keyhole rivets are easy to use. For anyone in need of a fast and efficient way to fasten two objects or materials together, these clips can be a practical solution.

Affordability: Nylon keyhole clips are generally inexpensive to produce and purchase, making them a cost-effective choice for various applications.

Lightweight: Plastic is a lightweight material, making push-in keyhole rivets ideal for situations where weight is a concern, such as product packaging or the construction of lightweight devices.

Various Sizes and Shapes: keyhole plastic clips come in various sizes, shapes, and colors to adapt to a wide range of applications. This variety allows you to select the most suitable snap for your needs. If you can’t find one suitable for your application, don’t worry;
we can create customized items.

Non-Corrosive: Unlike some other fastening options, keyhole plastic clips are not subject to corrosion. This makes them suitable for use in humid or corrosive environments.

Chemical Resistance: In some cases, push-in keyhole rivets can be made from materials that resist chemicals, making them suitable for specific industrial or chemical applications.

Customizable: push-in keyhole rivets can be customized with company logos or branding, making them ideal for promotional or advertising purposes.

Quick Assembly: They are often used in applications where rapid assembly or fastening of components or materials is needed without the use of special tools.

Safety: Some keyhole plastic clips are designed to ensure secure fastening and can be used in applications where preventing accidental release or detachment of parts is crucial.

Recyclable: Many push-in keyhole rivets are made from recyclable materials, making them more sustainable.

At GVV Srl, we manufacture these and many other “standard” plastic hardware items in various sizes, materials (nylon, polycarbonate, etc.), and colors. We specialize in plastic processing and can design and create items based on a customer’s idea or specific request.