Material: HDPE
Color: Natural / Black / Red / Blue / Green / White


As the famous writer Oscar Wilde humorously stated, ‘Nothing is more necessary than the superfluous.’ This insight about the essence of surrounding ourselves with seemingly unnecessary things has proven prophetic in our modern times. Today, we find ourselves amidst items that may be deemed ‘superfluous’ by some, but defining what truly falls into this category can be subjective and personal.

Beyond individual preferences, the consideration often revolves around products whose utility and potential were once unknown but now seem indispensable.

It may sound peculiar, but among the products we manufacture, several items fit into this intriguing ‘category.’ One such creation is our latest innovation: the LAN – RJ45 port dust protection cap. To those unaccustomed to its use, this claim may seem exaggerated. However, those who frequently encounter network inactivity issues due to dirt and debris can vouch for its significance.

These caps serve a vital purpose by safeguarding ports and connectors against dust and grime, leading to prolonged durability and prevention of various problems.

The dust caps can be effortlessly inserted into any standard RJ45/LAN slot that is currently not in use, effectively shielding the device’s ports from dust and debris. By sealing off these ports, we prevent dust from infiltrating switches, routers, servers, and media converters, thus averting network errors and potential downtime caused by foreign elements within open slots.

Equipped with a practical external tab, these Ethernet port protectors are designed for easy insertion and removal, without any interference with neighboring ports or cables. Furthermore, a tiny hole on the tab allows users to attach a wire, ensuring multiple caps stay together and reducing the risk of misplacement.”