Material: PA
Color: Black / White


They’re ubiquitous, often inconspicuous, yet they’re present in countless objects, including many we use daily. We’re talking about plastic push clips – widely embraced for their versatility, reliability, and outstanding cost-effectiveness. These unassuming fixtures are easy to apply, facilitating swift, precise, and secure fastening and assembly. 

These diminutive plastic components find broad utility across various domains and diverse objectives, such as document storage, DIY endeavors, household applications, and more.

They come in diverse dimensions and serve as an economical and adaptable alternative to alternative fastening methods.

Plastic push clips, celebrated for their simplicity, lightweight build, flexibility, and user friendliness, are incredibly practical and widely adopted. They offer not only functionality but also aesthetic appeal and safety. Thanks to the innate properties of plastic, they excel as electrical insulators, untroubled by exposure to external elements or the test of time.

Plastic push clips, also referred to as snap buttons, find application across a spectrum of practical scenarios:
• Packaging: for assembling plastic containers, cardboard, or crafting displays for stores, shop windows, or stalls.
• Office and stationery: for binding documents, paper sheets, cards, or various office materials, promoting organizational efficiency.
• Fashion and clothing: push clips play a role in the garment industry, serving as decorative elements or securing RFID-tagged labels onto fabrics, monitoring the production process closely.
• DIY projects: these snap buttons are versatile tools in do-it-yourself activities, proving useful in assembling wood, cardboard, plexiglass, or other materials.
• Miscellaneous tasks: these plastic push clips can also serve as reliable fasteners for curtains or sheets onto metal structures or other materials.

To sum up, plastic push clips are pragmatic, facilitating the swift and straightforward joining of assorted objects or materials for industrial, aesthetic, and hobbyist pursuits.

They stand as an economical alternative to other fastening or binding methods.

Why the focus on these plastic wares?
The reason lies in plastic’s status as one of the most malleable and versatile materials in the market. At GVV, experts in the field, we toil ceaselessly to expand our repertoire of “standard” plastic fixtures, such as snap buttons in varied sizes. We offer choices in terms of materials, colors, and forms, but that’s not the limit of our capabilities. We extend our professionalism and experience to conceive, design, and craft customized articles – personalized objects capable of satisfying our customers’ unique requests and needs