Stress and vibrations are the main causes of loosening or detachment of license plates on any vehicle, so it is always important to ensure proper fastening.

These small plastic rivets, inserted in the license plate holes and, in the respective licence plate holder, solidly and securely lock the two components together.

These small nylon rivets can be applied without tools and with simple manual pressure, guaranteeing a practical and correct assembly of the license plates.

These items are definitely nothing new or revolutionary, but they are certainly practical and functional since we have been commissioned them; moreover, even if they have been produced with the above-mentioned goal, they can also be used in other different areas.

Given that their peculiarity remains the simplicity of installation, we can consider other elements such as color, size and material, and proceed to create new items or update the initial idea to new projects.

Our work is not limited to just handling plastic material; we listen to your idea and then analyze every single detail in search of the best solution in terms of choice of material and related processing, in order to ensure high quality standards.

Depending on the project and our customers‘ requirements, we can diversify production, even for small batches, and customize the product in order to achieve a unique result.