A plastic bushing is a cylindrical ring of varying dimensions, crafted from a single piece or composed of two parts, designed to accommodate a pin securely within its confines.

These bushings, often referred to as shoulder washers, boast a cylindrical shape with one end gracefully flared to form a distinct border. This expanded portion is known as the flange, while the remaining tubular structure extending towards the opposite end is termed the stem.

The stem is hollow and can, if required, be internally threaded. Typically, it finds its place within an assembly to offer additional support to a pin, while the flange’s role is to stabilize the component in position. One of the key advantages of bushings lies in their ability to allow neighboring components to move freely without transmitting disruptive vibrations throughout the entire unit. Furthermore, they prove invaluable for secure fastening and ensuring the necessary spacing between panels.

At GVV, we specialize in the production of bushings crafted from an array of plastic materials, available in diverse shapes and designs. This wide range of options allows us to tailor shoulder washers to meet specific requirements and exhibit properties suited for a variety of applications.

Beyond their functional attributes, plastic bushings offer outstanding electrical insulation properties. Plastic, as a material, is exceptionally adaptable, versatile, safe, and enduring.

At GVV Srl, we leverage our expertise and professionalism to empower you with the flexibility to configure and personalize these essential components.

Rest assured, our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and adhering to all relevant regulations is unwavering. While we excel in producing standard items, our dedicated team is also at your disposal to explore and create custom plastic fasteners, ensuring that the end product is not only distinctive but also practical and impeccably functional, all tailored to meet your unique needs