The automotive industry undoubtedly reigns as their domain, but these small plastic hardware components find applications in numerous sectors.

Plastic grommet nuts, in conjunction with self-tapping screws, offer an economical, lightweight, and, above all, efficient fastening and assembly system for panels or sheet metal.

They feature a smooth hole where the self-tapping screw is inserted, which, through deformation, creates its own thread within the plastic grommet nut previously inserted into the main panel. As a result, the “shanks” or “teeth” of the plastic nut expand, exerting longitudinal and radial compression on the mating parts.

Utilizing plastic self-locking nuts allows for the distribution of compression and locking forces over a larger surface area of the panel than what would be achieved with a single screw. These nuts often serve the purpose of compensation and damping as well.

Moreover, due to their plastic composition, these small plastic hardware components ensure strength, reduced weight, corrosion resistance, as well as thermal and electrical  insulation. These attributes make them ideal for industries such as automotive and aftermarket.

Plastic is an incredibly versatile material, perfectly suited for a wide array of consumer and industrial applications. It offers limitless opportunities for processing and experimentation.

Plastics can be easily shaped into both simple and intricate forms, harnessing their malleability and versatility to bring your ideas to life.

While we manufacture various standard plastic hardware components on a daily basis, such as screws, nuts, washers, spacers, and more, we are also capable of designing and fabricating customized solutions from scratch.

We leverage our expertise in plastic processing to not only create entirely new components but also explore alternativeapproaches to existing articles, ensuring a seamless fit for specific customer requirements.