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Color: Black

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Fasteners are fixing elements. This term is so widely used in various languages around the globe in its original English form that its translation is often unnecessary.

What are plastic fasteners? And, more importantly, what are they used for?

They are small plastic hardware items that enable the fastening of two or more elements together, either permanently or non-permanently.

In general, the term “fasteners” encompasses a wide variety of fastening elements, including screws, nuts, and washers. However, in this case, we refer to individual junctions of different shapes and sizes that autonomously fasten and assemble materials.

These self-locking mechanical devices made of plastic have become essential components. They not only allow for quick, simple, and effective fastening but also provide lightweight, safety, and electrical insulation.

The origin of plastic fasteners can be traced back to the automotive sector, where there was a need to find viable alternatives to welding and adhesive bonding, particularly for handling thinner laminates.

Over time, the efficiency of fasteners has enabled these specific fastening elements to find applications in various fields such as electronics, construction, marine, engineering, and many others. Thanks to their versatility, they are now widely employed even in tasks
requiring robust supporting and connecting elements that can provide stable and secure distances.

There are numerous types of plastic fasteners, each with a specific design and material, tailored to their intended uses.
At GVV Srl, we manufacture various types of “standard” plastic hardware items, including fasteners, clips, rivets, grommet nuts, and more. However, we also offer our expertise in producing customized articles. We design and shape tailor-made inserts based on specific customer requests, ensuring high-quality standards and compliance with current regulations.