As well-known as they are widely used, but what exactly is a plastic screw and what is its purpose?

In a general sense and in technical terms, a plastic screw is a simple component capable of converting circular motion into linear motion. In simpler terms, a screw is a small “tool” used to securely fasten two or more elements together.
At first glance, a plastic screw may seem like a trivial item, yet it represents a fastening device that offers a remarkable degree of vibration resistance and ensures enhanced reliability, even in applications that require frequent unscrewing. The insulation capabilities, lightweight nature, flexibility, and strength of plastic materials such as nylon, polypropylene, polycarbonate, and more make them the ideal solution for various applications.

The automotive industry serves as a concrete example of how plastic screws are both useful and extensively employed. From the engine to the bodywork, plastic screws are utilized for the fixation and assembly of diverse spare parts, including license plates, various chassis components, vintage car components, and more.
In the field of electronics, plastic fastening elements are primarily chosen for their insulating properties, especially when mounting components like motherboards or for creating separation between elements that cannot come into contact with each other.

In summary, regardless of the specific application, situations that call for non-metallic fastening elements, such as plastic screws, nuts, washers, spacers, and more, are abundant and vital.

At GVV Srl, specialists in plastic fastening components, screws, and all related elements, we delve into a fascinating and ever-evolving realm. Our repertoire extends beyond “standard” screws, which vary in terms of design, material, and, of course, size, including slotted, Phillips, hexagonal, serrated, and more. Moreover, we possess the capability to produce custom-designed screws, tailoring them precisely to our clients’ specifications.

In fact, we can embark on the design process based on a simple sketch. For customized products, we collaborate closely with our clients to identify the optimal shape and material, crafting a high-performance and quality solution that aligns seamlessly with their original