Material: PA
Color: Black/Natural
Material: PA
Color Natural

Among the numerous fastening systems, one of the most well-known and widely used is the plastic nut, which, when paired with a plastic screw, serves as a device to
mechanically join two or more objects, creating a non-permanent joint. Although it may seem like a simple and small component, the nut plays a fundamental role in fastening and assembly operations in various fields, machines, and structures.

Plastic nuts are a type of fastening article with a threaded hole and are predominantly used in conjunction with screws that have matching threads. The friction between the screw and the nut creates a temporary connection that securely holds the materials together.

Plastic nuts are available in different sizes and shapes, catering to a wide range of applications. Many types of nuts require the use of wrenches for installation, while others can be tightened by hand or feature specialized designs to prevent loosening, such as self-locking nuts.

The most commonly used fastening and assembly element, often paired with a screw, is the hexagonal nut. Its shape allows for easy gripping with a wrench during tightening or loosening operations. However, there are alternative nut designs available, such as flanged nuts with integrated washers that minimize the risk of damaging components, or wing nuts, characterized by two wings that facilitate manual tightening and loosening.

In addition to these, there are blind nuts that have a cap on top, primarily serving aesthetic and protective purposes.

At GVV Srl, we specialize in the production of these and many other “standard” plastic fastening components in various sizes, materials (nylon, polycarbonate, etc.), and colors.

With our expertise in plastic processing, we are capable of designing and manufacturing custom articles based on our customers’ ideas or specific requirements.